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Bellwether Works With Trusted Partners To Properly Remove Risky Asbestos Siding In Older Denver-Area Homes And Replace With High-Quality James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

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Location: Englewood, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding and Wood Composite Shake Siding
Year Built: 1940
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding and Wood Composite Shake Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie Fiber Cement in a perfect recreation of their original Wood Composite Shake Siding in Countrylane Red.

Bellwether works with trusted partners to properly remove risky asbestos siding in older Denver-area homes and replace with high-quality James Hardie fiber cement siding.

These homeowners loved their charming 1940s home in Englewood, but given the age of the house it was time for new siding. Their old siding was nearly 75 years old, and when Bellwether completed the inspection, we confirmed that the original siding contained asbestos. In order to safely remove this risky siding product, Bellwether called in Asbestos Abatement, our partner for streamlined asbestos removal in the Denver area.

With the old siding removed and the area clears, Bellwether was ready to install a high-quality product that was safe for the homeowners and would keep their home safe and dry too. We always recommend a durable, reliable product like James Hardie fiber cement siding. This resilient composite material is long-lasting and energy efficient, bringing this Englewood home from the 1940s up to the highest standard in today’s siding industry. 

James Hardie fiber cement can be installed to mimic wood siding, including these Englewood homeowners’ wood shake siding details.

The homeowners loved the original charming look of their wood composite siding, complete with shake siding details. They wanted to upgrade their siding material to something modern and sturdy, but didn’t want to sacrifice the design. Luckily, James Hardie fiber cement siding is produced in many different profiles and can be installed to mimic popular wood siding styles. 

The construction process of each siding piece is meant to imitate the grain of wood siding, and the individual planks and shakes can be installed just like wood pieces. Bellwether worked with the homeowner to identify the elements they loved, and we re-created their home’s 1940s charm almost exactly using high-quality James Hardie fiber cement lap siding and fiber cement shake siding.

These Bellwethers customers loved the look and design of their original Englewood home, but wanted to upgrade their siding materials, so our exterior design team matched the style and color of their lap siding and shake siding with long-lasting James Hardie Color Plus technology in Countrylane Red.

By using James Hardie Color Plus technology, Bellwether’s design team was also able to capture the exact red shade of the homeowner’s original wood siding for their new fiber cement siding. James Hardie color-plus technology shades and cures the siding materials in a factory-controlled setting, so the long-lasting color will never chip, peel, or fade, even in harsh Colorado weather elements like baking sun. Crafted to stand the test of time, this guarantee is backed by James Hardie’s 15-year Color Plus technology warranty, so our customers were glad to know that their new siding would be resilient and beautiful for years to come.

With James Hardie’s color-matching technology and 700+ shade color collections, Bellwether was able to recreate the striking, rich red color of the homeowners’ original wood composite siding by using James Hardie’s Countryland Red for the Color Plus lap siding and shake siding. The exterior design of the home is almost identical to the original, with a modern contrasting pop by adding James Hardie trim around the windows in Arctic White.

By upgrading their wood composite siding to James Hardie fiber cement siding, these Denver-area homeowners have secured the charming style of their home for many more years to come with James Hardie’s 30-year product warranty.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is built to last, and that is why we recommend it to Colorado homeowners. In the Denver area, siding materials are susceptible to weather elements such as wind, snow and ice, and baking sun. 

The old siding on this Englewood home had “lasted” for nearly 75 years, but not without wear-and-tear, warping, and energy loss to the home. By replacing the dangerous asbestos siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding, the homeowners secured another lifetime on their home’s exterior, thanks to the James Hardie 30-year product warranty on fiber cement siding products. This lap siding and shake siding is not only a long-lasting investment for the customers, the home will maintain its rich color and sturdy design, as brilliantly as the day Bellwether installed it. 

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Josh Dembicki

President & Co-Founder