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Bellwether Always Recommends Replacing Vinyl Siding With A More Durable, High-quality Siding Material Such As James Hardie Fiber Cement Or Vesta Metal Siding—And This Littleton, CO Homeowner Chose Both!

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Location: Littleton, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Board and Batten Primed Fiber Cement Siding in Smooth and Vesta Metal Siding in Iron Stone and Gilded Grain.
Year Built: 1960
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Board and Batten Primed Fiber Cement, Vesta Metal Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie Board and Batten trim in Smooth and Vesta Metal Siding in Iron Stone and Gilded Grain

Bellwether always recommends replacing vinyl siding with a more durable, high-quality siding material such as James Hardie fiber cement or Vesta metal siding—and this Littleton, CO homeowner chose both!

Julia Holman fell in love with the design potential of this Littleton, CO midcentury home, but built in 1960, it was definitely time for an exterior refresh. Not only did Julia want to achieve high-design curb appeal, the home’s original exterior comprised of vinyl siding. Bellwether always recommends replacing vinyl siding on Colorado homes. It is incredibly susceptible to wear-and-tear and will easily fade or even warp in Colorado’s baking sun and potential for extreme temperatures. What’s more, in a high-risk wildfire area like Littleton, CO, homeowners should consider how their home’s siding will hold up to sparks and heat. Over the course of years, vinyl siding pulls away from the home due to thermal expansion and contraction, exposing the home to severe elements, but also to outdoor cold and heat, making it inefficient.

Vinyl siding is not easily repaired or replaced in pieces. Some homeowners may try to paint their vinyl siding, but this is a very short-term solution as paint does not easily adhere to vinyl siding. Julia understood that, in order to make a long-term investment in her home, she needed to replace all of her vinyl siding with something more durable and resilient to the Colorado climate.

James Hardie fiber cement and Vesta metal siding are high-design materials, and they are better siding options for Colorado homes because of their durability and resilience to weather elements and fire hazards.

To begin with, siding products such as fiber cement siding and metal siding have grade A fire ratings. Further, the protective composition of these siding materials also makes them resilient in Colorado weather elements and resistant to pests. James Hardie fiber cement siding and Vesta metal siding are Bellwethers most highly recommended siding products because of their resiliency to all that poses a threat to your home’s exterior.

By combining high quality siding materials like James Hardie board and batten trim in Smooth and Vesta metal siding in Iron Stone and Gilded Grain, Julia protected her once vulnerable home against the environment and the test of time, while also elevating her home’s design to something eye-catching that celebrates the midcentury architecture. 

Our home exterior design teams love leaning into a vintage look for a midcentury home and focused on high-contrast design elements with Vesta metal siding and James Hardie wood grain elements to accentuate this home’s retro charm.

Midcentury style homes are regaining popularity, and homeowners like Julia are turning to modern, high-contrast elements to accentuate the modern potential for a clean, unique look. But sometimes it can be hard to visualize these design concepts. Our Bellwether design team had a lot of fun creating high-definition renderings for Julia to review, and from these drafts, she was able to make decisions about her siding materials and colors to create this impressive new look.

Julia selected Vesta metal siding in Iron Stone and Gilded Grain, which Bellwether installed vertically for a modern, almost industrial pop. This almost industrial element contrasts with the wood grain features on the front porch, creating great depth between the tight, clean lines of the midcentury architectures. Finished with James Hardie board and batten trim in Smooth, the new exterior design look symmetrical, clean, and luxe.

When updating with modern siding products such as James Hardie board and batten and Vesta metal siding, the Littleton, CO homeowner also decided to replace the door and sidelight for fresh, cohesive design.

When you are investing in your home’s facade, it is wise to consider all of the pieces of the exterior at once. For one, our installation teams expertly order each step to ensure the best, most beautifully finished end result. For example, windows and siding should be replaced simultaneously to ensure a tight, secure seal. 

With fresh new siding, Julia’s Littleton, CO midcentury home needed a few other updates to keep the design cohesive, so she had our teams replace the sidelight and update her front door with a beautiful midcentury-inspired ProVia door as well. The new James Hardie board and batten trim and Vesta metal siding go hand-in-hand with these finishing elements for a fabulous, bold midcentury-modern home exterior.

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