Tom DeBree and Charlotte Coates Siding Case Study

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Denver, Colorado

Type of Siding:


The Problem:

Though they had only lived in the home for a mere four years, Tom and Charlotte were surprised to find their wood board-and-batten siding peeling and buckling around the bottom of their home.

Proposed Solution:

The Bellwether team would need to replace all of the siding, soffit panels, and trim, creating a design that was high-performing but met the aesthetic goals of Tom and Charlotte’s unique home.


The home was re-sided with appropriate, high-quality materials that seamlessly worked together for a high-design effect, satisfying the customers immensely.

The Initial Call:

Tom and Charlotte took the process very seriously and interviewed three different companies at their home before committing to a project team. In the end, they easily made the choice to go with Bellwether because of our ability to work through a project plan that meets performance, design, and budgetary goals simultaneously.

The Consultation:

Steve Dennis made the initial trip out to Tom and Charlotte’s home, and due to the size of the house and the scope of design, arranged for a second consultation with Director of Sales, Stephen Chismarich.

It was clear from the peeling paint and buckling wood that the siding was heavily damaged. Stephen determined that interior products had been used as exterior cladding, and all of the sidings would need to be replaced. There was damage above as well, with soffit panels falling loose from the eaves, all of which would need to be replaced.

Tom and Charlotte have a sizable, uniquely contemporary home, and with everything needing to be replaced, the project was quite large-scale. The homeowners cared deeply about their homes and did not want to sacrifice material quality or design, but needed to remain conscientious of budget. Stephen and the design team worked closely with Tom and Charlotte to create a project plan that met all of these needs.

“It was not a high-pressure sell at all,” said Charlotte. “It felt like our decision,” she added, complimenting the close attention Bellwether paid to their concerns and budgetary needs.

The Work:

The team replaced all of the exterior siding and soffit panels, including seam strips around the upper edges to create a finished look and collaboration among all of the different design elements. Using high-quality, properly installed materials, Bellwether sealed the home from future moisture damage, ensuring that both the interior and exterior would be prevented from the elements.

The Final Results:

Tom and Charlotte were beyond satisfied with the end result, in particular, the installation process. Tom said, “Bellwether’s strength is the installation process,” and added that the team more than fulfilled their expectations—so much so, that Tom wrote letters to the team members at the end of the job, thanking them for their work.

Tom and Charlotte’s home is their forever home, holding their equity as well as a safe place where they love to be. They care about their property, and they felt that Bellwether cared about it too.

“So often, contractors disappoint you,” said Tom, “But that’s not the case with Bellwether.”

President & Co-Founder