Evening Blue

Evening Blue

Which James Hardie Color Plus shade is classiest?

Rich, deep shades envelope you like an inky, starry sky at night. Dark tones make you pause with reverence, pay attention to something solid and smart. James Hardie Evening Blue has the same effect, a commanding, modern luxury that stuns with elegance and class. A dark, moving shade of blue, James Hardie Evening Blue turns your home exterior into the epitome of show-stopping design.

Fiber cement siding by James Hardie is crafted with Color Plus technology, with factory-cured shades that last a lifetime on your home siding. With James Hardie Evening Blue, you’ll be making a statement with your home for years to come. Part of the James Hardie Color Plus Statement Collection, Evening Blue is the perfect elegant choice, wherever your home may be.

How long will my James Hardie Evening Blue last?

Don’t shy away from a bold, smart shade because you’re worried about fading. James Hardie Color Plus technology utilizes a factory-controlled color application that is cured between coats, meaning your color will remain brilliant, never cracking, peeling, chipping, or fading. With James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement siding, your Evening Blue home siding will last a lifetime.