Heathered Moss

Heathered Moss

heathered moss

Can I use James Hardie Color Plus technology to create something nature-inspired?

A needle covered trail. Soft moss creeping along stone walls. The whisper of wind in trees overhead. A waterfall rumbling in the distance. A cozy cabin, a ribbon of smoke slinking from the chimney, inviting you to warm yourself by the fire after a day of meandering through the woods. Nothing evokes a feeling of peace and retreat like James Hardie’s Color Plus Heathered Moss.

James Hardie Color Plus technology factory-cures fiber cement siding products so that they—and they sense of calm they bring—last a lifetime. When you choose a Color Plus fiber cement siding like Heathered Moss, every day is like stumbling upon a kindly cabin in the woods. Whether your home is nestled into the Colorado Rockies or you can spot the peaks from your Front Range windows, you’ll feel at-one with nature in a home that draws inspiration from the beautiful Colorado forests.

Will my home always look beautiful in James Hardie Color Plus Heathered Moss fiber cement siding?

When you choose your siding color for the design that makes you feel most at-home, you want to know that you’ll come home to that feeling every day for a lifetime. James Hardie Color Plus technology utilizes a factory-controlled color application that is cured between coats so that your Heathered Moss siding will never crack, peel or chip. With James Hardie Color Plus technology, colors are guaranteed to remain as bright as the day they are installed. The 30-year product warranty and 15-year Color Plus warranty means that your Heathered Moss fiber cement siding will last for years like the ancient forests that inspired it.