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At Bellwether, We Believe You Can Fall In Love With Your Home Again, And All It Takes Is Siding Replacement With High-Quality Siding Materials Like James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding

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Location: Lyons, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Year Built: 1994
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie Color Plus Lap Siding in Woodstock Brown and Heathered Moss

At Bellwether, we believe you can fall in love with your home again, and all it takes is siding replacement with high-quality siding materials like James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement lap siding.

This 1994 Lyons, CO home had deteriorated severely, and the homeowners considered razing the house and building something new on the beautiful mountain view property. But the Bellwether design team saw potential and understood the homeowners’ financial needs and design goals. By replacing the warped and peeling cedar siding with James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement lap siding, the house was restored to a beautiful family home, nestled at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

Bellwether demonstrated how this investment in fiber cement siding was the best choice for these Colorado homeowners. Building a new home with cheaper materials would have been a short-term solution. Other siding materials don’t hold up in the extreme Colorado weather, especially in the foothills where there are many environmental elements to contend with—wind, ice, baking sun—as well as wildlife. James Hardie fiber cement siding is the highest-quality material, resilient in the Colorado weather, and guaranteed to last a lifetime with its 30-year product warranty. Unlike the former cedar siding, the James Hardie fiber cement lap siding will maintain its structural integrity and beautiful, rich coloring, without cracking, peeling, or fading. Now these Lyons, CO homeowners can enjoy their mountain home knowing it will remain beautiful and sturdy for years to come. 

Investing in cedar Jame Hardie fiber cement siding and Pella Window upgrades made this Lyons, CO home beautiful and energy-efficient once more.

Rather than razing and cutting costs in new construction, these customers opted to invest in their existing property with high-quality materials, like James Hardie fiber cement siding and Pella windows. 

Because the old cedar siding was warped and cracked, the home had become unstable and was not energy efficient. James Hardie fiber cement siding seals tightly and wicks away moisture, making sure that the entire home stays warm and dry from the outside in.

It’s smart to replace windows at the same time you replace your siding, and the old aluminum windows on this Lyons home needed to go. The homeowners opted for a high-quality Pella 250 window, which will protect their home interior from moisture, baking sun, and temperature changes. Now, whatever the beautiful Colorado weather outdoors, the homeowners can comfortably enjoy the view from inside their energy-efficient home.

By choosing earth tones from the James Hardie Color Plus collection, like Woodstock Brown and Heathered Moss, these Lyons, CO homeowners designed the perfect mountain home to match their beautiful natural surroundings.

The customers wanted their home to reflect the beauty of the surrounding mountains, and the Bellwether design team was able to make expert recommendations. Drawing from the natural tones near the house, the homeowners and design team found the perfect color matches in the James Hardie Color Plus collection. Color Plus technology is cured between coats in a factory-controlled environment, meaning the rich color that goes on the siding planks remains vibrant and beautiful without cracking or peeling—even under the intense sunlight in Lyons, CO. This Color Plus promise is protected by James Hardie’s Color Plus 15-year warranty.

The homeowners chose James Hardie Woodstock Brown and Heathered Moss for their fiber cement siding, reflecting the natural grasses and mountain tones, but also adding depth to the long siding runs of their home. The lap siding offers a clean, modern look without distracting from the natural environment. For added contrast, the customers chose a James Hardie Color Plus trim in Arctic White and Pella Windows in white.

Replacing the cedar siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding restored the home exterior to its original beauty and protects the entire home from the high risk of fire danger.

Homes in Lyons, CO can be at severe risk of wildfire, so Bellwether recommended the fiber cement siding from James Hardie. Fiber cement is a composite material with a grade A fire rating, and it will protect the homeowners’ gorgeous mountain investment from Colorado weather and wildfire.

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