Aged Pewter

Aged Pewter

aged pewter

Which James Hardie siding color is most polished?

Like an effortless monochromatic outfit, the polished chrome edge of a luxury car, or French doors framed in black—bold, modern style can be inviting and warm. James Hardie Aged Pewter is the perfect example of statement home siding that gives modern design without a cold edge. Powerful, but neutral, Aged Pewter invites into luxury and style.

Because James Hardie Color Plus Techonology is designed to last a lifetime, a timeless style choice is essential. At once modern and welcoming, Aged Pewter is the perfect shade for years of luxe design in a house that feels like home. Though Aged Pewter is bold and confident, it is easy and neutral enough to stand the test of time.

How long does James Hardie Aged Pewter last?

James Hardie Color Plus Aged Pewter is a powerful but warm shade, making its appeal timeless. James Hardie Color Plus technology utilizes a factory-controlled color application that is cured between coats, meaning your color will remain luxe, never cracking, peeling, or chipping. With James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement siding, your color will last a lifetime.