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A Multi-family Residential Complex in Boulder, CO Updates Wood Composite Siding with James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding

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Location: Boulder, Colorado
Siding Composition: Wood Composite with James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Year Built: 1978
Siding Brand & Profile: JH Color Plus Lap Siding, Lap Siding Evening Blue
Siding & Trim Colors: Lap Siding, JH Color Plus Lap Siding, JH Color Plus Fascia Arctic White, Lap Siding Evening Blue

A multi-family residential complex in Boulder, CO updates wood composite siding with James Hardie fiber cement lap siding.

Built in 1978, these Boulder townhomes were in need of an exterior overhaul to replace their deteriorating wood composite siding. Collectively, the residents were ready to transform their community and knew that Bellwether had enough experience to manage a large-scale project like a multi-family residential complex. Our design team determined that all of the wood composite siding needed to be replaced, along with the soffits and fascia. Updating the wood siding to James Hardie fiber cement lap siding refreshed this neighborhood, making all of the units safer and beautiful for years to come. 

It was easy for the townhome community to agree on James Hardie fiber cement siding for their exterior upgrade because of the quality of design and protection that fiber cement siding offers, especially for Colorado homes. In Boulder, CO, there is always the looming threat of wildfire, but James Hardie fiber cement is resistant to fire damage, as well as other environmental concerns like extreme temperatures, baking sun, and snow. James Hardie Color Plus products also maintain their rich color with integrity materials, so these Boulder residents knew Bellwether had recommended the best product for the community upgrade.

James Hardie Color Plus lap siding creates a classic style with long-lasting color for beautiful curb appeal.

In order to maintain the uniformity and aesthetic of the residential community, Bellwether’s design team worked with residents to choose a classic James Hardie lap siding. This siding style creates a charming, traditional appearance that directs moisture away from the wall with a cascading effect.

But traditional doesn’t have to mean old, and this siding replacement project modernized the townhomes’ exteriors with rich James Hardie ColorPlus color options, making the final result the perfect blend of classic and modern, beauty and function. The residents chose James Hardie Evening Blue as their primary siding color, with accents in Boothbay Blue for unique contrast and a depth effect. Bellwether also replaced the soffits and fascia in Arctic White.

James Hardie ColorPlus lap siding lasts a lifetime, including a 30-year product warranty and a 15-year warranty so that these Boulder residents are assured their investment not only protects their property, but that their beautiful new exteriors will remain vibrant for years to come. Because they opted for fiber cement siding over the old wood composite siding, the home exteriors are less vulnerable to the elements that might degrade the color and integrity of other siding materials.

Bellwether has the expertise for large-scale, multi-family complex siding projects and as Elite Preferred James Hardie contractors, professionally installs James Hardie fiber cement lap siding.

All of our Bellwether teams have been in the business for years, and we understand the needs of Colorado residents, from Boulder to the Rocky mountains. When working with this Boulder, CO townhome complex, Bellwether understood the needs and goals of the residents. We were able to diagnose the issues with the old wood composite siding, make a recommendation for James Hardie fiber cement lap siding, work within the collective neighborhood budget, and expertly install the siding so that it will last a lifetime.

Our design teams helped the homeowners with siding color choices that modernize the pre-existing color scheme of the townhome complex. With popular color choices like James Hardie Evening Blue and Boothbay Blue, the homeowners were able to maintain the cool, classic aesthetic of their neighborhood, while upgrading to home siding with more depth and contrast. The effect is perfect for a multi-family residential complex in Boulder, CO.

Because the homeowners followed Bellwether’s recommendation to use James Hardie Color Plus lap siding, this design choice will give the homeowners a lifetime of home exterior protection and rich beautiful color.

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