What are the benefits of combining exterior remodeling projects?

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Home exterior projects, such as siding replacement, window replacement, and door replacement, can be large undertakings, both in time and budget. It takes a lot of forward thinking and preparation to tackle any major home exterior remodeling project, and because of this, homeowners will sometimes parse out their needs into individual projects. But the fact is, there are many benefits to combining home exterior remodeling projects, and if you can do so, you’ll see better results in your home’s protection and your long-term investment.

There is a natural order of operations when it comes to exterior remodeling projects.

The best time to replace your windows is the same time you replace your siding. This is because of the natural order of these remodeling projects. Ideally, you want to replace your windows when you replace your siding because we will be able to work from a clean, smooth surface. Rather than using a replacement product or cutting into existing siding to replace your windows, if you replace windows the same time you replace siding, you can work directly on the exposed wall, adhering the windows to a smooth substrate with nail fins for the best performance and protection.

You get the best protection for your home when you combine exterior remodeling projects.

By combining siding replacement with window replacement, for example, you are taking the best route to safeguarding your home against moisture and weather elements. When windows are installed to a cleared, smooth wall, and secured directly to the substrate, we can ensure peak performance and protection. The cladding can then be installed securely around the new window installation, meaning the best seal to keep moisture and weather out and keep your home safe and dry.

Simultaneously replacing siding and windows is thinking holistically about your home.

At Bellwether, we like to take a big-picture approach to planning home exterior remodeling projects, and then make sure we hit every minute detail in the process. By combining home exterior projects, you can consider all of your wants and needs and how they work in conjunction with one another. Replacing siding and windows at the same time means considering the whole protective shell around your home against environmental elements.

At the same time, focusing on trim and eaves means considering how they work in-tandem with your siding products to harden your home against fire. And choosing to replace doors at the same time you replace windows means safeguarding all points of entry against energy loss, whereas only replacing one or the other might mean canceling out the positive effects.

Replacing siding and windows at the same time allows for long-term financial planning and investment.

Often, homeowners are reluctant to take on multiple home exterior remodeling projects because of budget concerns. Siding and windows are large investments independently, and so to do both at the same time feels cost-prohibitive. At Bellwether, because we are considering the big picture, we like to take an educational approach to project planning and design. First, by combining home exterior remodeling projects, you are able to budget and plan around one set number, rather than purchasing one product now and having to save for the next later.

Our financing plans can help you prepare for the costs of whole home revitalization. Secondly, by combining your home exterior projects, you are creating savings in other areas. For example, because your windows, doors, and siding will work together to block moisture and weather elements from entering your home, you will save on energy costs to heat and cool your home. Additionally, because you know the products will function at peak performance by installing them simultaneously, you prevent the future costs of repairs and additional replacements that might crop up due to installation issues.

Bellwether is equipped to help you safeguard your home by combining home exterior projects.

At Bellwether, we are not only siding replacement experts but window replacement experts as well. Because of our holistic approach to home exterior protection and our high installation standards, we know how to combine home exterior projects for beautiful, cohesive design and peak performance that is guaranteed to safeguard your home for a lifetime.

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