What are the costs of installation failure?

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You can purchase a brand new home with fresh siding or replace the siding on an older home and, if the siding is installed improperly, quickly encounter problems. Even with high-quality siding products like fiber cement siding, installation failure comes at a high-cost to you and the value of your home.

Installation failure almost certainly means water damage.

When your siding product is not properly installed, your home is under threat of water infiltration and serious damage. The point of exterior cladding is to wick moisture away from your house, protecting the integrity of your walls, both inside and out. Bad installation practices lead to leaking, especially around windows if flashing was not properly utilized.

If you notice water spots on your interior walls or a spongy texture to the wall space around your windows, there’s a high probability that your siding is damaged or was not properly installed. By the time it reaches the interior wall, that water has passed through your cladding and begun damaging your substrate. This means, not only will you need to replace the siding, you will likely have to make repairs to the deeper layers of your wall.

Improper siding installation can void your product warranty.

Many modern siding products, especially high-quality products like James Hardie fiber cement siding, come with warranties to protect your investment. But these warranties all carry installation requirements. If your siding fails due to improper installation, your product warranty is automatically voided, and the cost of repair or replacement is then your responsibility.

In the event of product recall, these warranties may not protect your full investment. In many instances of product recalls, homeowners are awarded a settlement payout—but unfortunately, this rarely covers the cost of product replacement, and often, homeowners will pocket the payment. If you purchase a home will recalled siding, you’ll have no recourse for replacing the product.

Installation failure means that your siding product is also compromised.

High-quality siding products like fiber cement siding are built to stand-up to moisture damage and other weather elements. But in the instance of installation failure, the protective quality of the siding product is reduced because siding products are designed to fit and protect according to installation standards and best practices. Improper installation exposes the siding product to weather elements it wasn’t designed to withstand, and you may see deterioration, not only in your walls, but in the siding product itself.

Bad siding installation affects curb appeal and the value of your home without a full replacement—and possibly other repairs.

Your siding is an investment in your home, one that is valued, not only by its protective covering, but also by the curb appeal of your home. A well-protected, beautiful home is a higher-value home than one with deteriorating walls and siding. If your home siding was not properly installed, the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home are compromised. This threatens your initial investment, and then piles on the added costs of siding replacement and repairs to the damage caused by installment failure.

Bellwether adheres to the highest installation standards in the industry.

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