What are the pros and cons of steel siding?

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Colorado homeowners looking to replace their siding want a beautiful option that lasts for years and that is resistant to spark and flame in wildfire season. Metal siding checks these boxes, but steel siding is still not the best siding option choice for homes in Colorado. Bellwether installs steel siding, and our proposals can be built to showcase other siding options that work in the Colorado climate, such as fiber cement siding. In this article, we’ll first dive into the pros and cons of steel siding.

Steel siding looks beautiful and is resistant to fire, and there are other pros to choosing metal siding.

Steel siding is fire resistant.

In Colorado, one of the biggest climate concerns along the front range and into the Rocky Mountains is a home’s fire rating. During wildfire season, Colorado homeowners want to know that their homes are safeguarded against spark and flame. Steel siding options do have a grade-A fire rating, as does fiber cement siding, another durable siding choice.

Steel siding is durable and stable.

Colorado homeowners view steel siding as a durable, stable siding option because it holds up under Colorado’s extreme and sometimes unexpected weather elements. While steel siding is a solid choice to protect your home from moisture, wind, and baking sun, this durability has drawbacks, especially when it comes to interior climate control.

Steel siding is pre-finished in the factory.

When installing new steel siding, the process is made easier because steel siding arrives on-site pre-finished in the color of your choice. This makes the installation smooth and efficient, and the end result is very cohesive. However, other siding options, including fiber cement siding can be pre-finished as well, and James Hardie fiber cement siding is backed by a 15-year Color Plus technology warranty.

Metal siding is a better siding choice than wood or vinyl siding, but it is not the ideal siding option for Colorado homes.

Steel siding is expensive, with lower return on investment.

As the prices of materials increase, metal siding products are becoming increasingly expensive. Steel is pricey to manufacture, and steel siding has a higher price tag than other siding options. Fiber cement siding can be installed for around the same cost as steel siding, but with a greater return on investment because of its low-maintenance and lifetime warranties.

Steel siding is not the easiest siding to install.

Steel siding can be pre-finished to assist in the installation process, but steel siding is still difficult to install. The durability of the material complicates the installation process. Fiber cement siding is even more durable and much easier to install.

Steel siding is higher-maintenance and difficult to repair.

Once installed, steel siding looks beautiful—but only if it’s maintained. It needs to be kept clean and dry to remain beautiful and functional. When steel siding does break down, it is difficult to repair in segments. Often, entire sections of steel siding need to be replaced, even for a small area of damage. And reliable warranties are hard to come by on steel siding products, unlike James Hardie fiber cement siding, which comes backed by a 30-year product warranty.

For Colorado homes, fiber cement siding is a better option than metal siding.

While steel siding offers many pros, it also has its cons. Ultimately, fiber cement siding offers all of the same beauty and function of metal siding, and at a higher degree of protection—with lower maintenance. For about the same cost, Bellwether installs a high-quality product like fiber cement siding to protect Colorado homeowners against fire hazards and weather elements like snow and ice, high winds, and baking sun. Fiber cement siding makes it easier to regulate interior temperatures than steel siding. And with long-term warranties, James Hardie fiber cement siding is an investment you can trust to last.

At Bellwether, our goal is to create proposals that cater to homeowners’ needs. We can expertly install steel siding on your Colorado home, and we also can recommend siding options that are the best fit for your climate and budget. We want you to love the home you’re in.

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