What Siding Installation Workmanship, Communication & Other Expectations Should I Be Aware Of?

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At Bellwether, we believe in transparent, open communication. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable about your siding installation project and home exterior renovation at every step. Honest communication allows us to work easily and efficiently, as well as respect your home, your time, and the investment you’re making in your home exterior.

In order to start the working relationship on the right foot, at the start of an installation process, we like to discuss a few expectations up front. Because a siding replacement is a renovation construction process, we need to prepare to work together on construction work site. Our teams will honor your privacy and respect your space and do our best to manage how our work overlaps with your living space.

A construction site can be loud and messy.

Siding replacement is a construction job. Any home exterior renovation involves demo, garbage, loud tools, and loud communication between team members. Our crews are respectful and professional, but on a construction site, noise and mess are inevitable. Sheathing demo involves dust and dirt, along with materials waste, and the installation process includes cutting siding materials, hammering, and making sure each part is adhered tightly and safely. While these tasks come with a decent amount of noise and mess, we work quickly and efficiently to temper the disruption period, and we clear our working hours with you ahead of time. 

Take precious and fragile items off and away from the interior walls.

It’s important to point out, even though we’re working outside, we are working on your walls! Installing and securing siding planks and other siding materials may cause vibrations through the walls that could impact any items hanging on the interior wall side. Fragile or precious items that could be shaken loose from the walls should be taken down and stored someplace safe until the project is completed.

There will need to be designated space for materials and dumpster.

A siding replacement involves a lot of materials and quite a bit of waste generation. We will manage the materials order as well as arrange for a dumpster. In order to be respectful of your property and access to your home, please designate a space for both materials storage and the dumpster so that we can deliver them to their most convenient locations.

Have a discussion about landscaping with your project guide.

Our teams will navigate your property with great care and respect, but we will need to access every wall space up close, with equipment and materials. There may be some damage to landscaping close to the house, and your project guide can evaluate how to manage these areas for crews to pass through.

Metal and nail clean-up is a priority.

Your safety is important to us, as is your property clean-up. At the end of each project, we use a magnetic rake to clean your property of scrap metal and nails. Our clean-up crews do a thorough walkthrough of the project space to remove all metal and nails. It is important to note that snow in the winter season complicates this clean-up process, but we do our best to clear the property of metal and nails.

Communication is key throughout.

We like to be open and transparent about all of these items so you and our installation crews can prepare for the project with mindfulness and mutual respect. When your project begins, we ensure that you have access to your project guide, your install team, and the management team on a single text thread so that you can make us aware of any problems or changes. This includes, once your siding installation is complete, any issues with cleanup that might need to be tended to once snow has melted.

At Bellwether, we don’t just want your home to beautiful and functional. We want to contribute to the sense of peace and security you gain from investing in your home. We believe in the work that we do and in the spaces we create for our customers and work hard to communicate every step of the way.

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