How Long Does It Take to Install Fiber Cement Siding & What Factor Can Impact the Timeline?

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Committing to a full siding replacement is a financial investment, but it is also an investment of your time. When you schedule your home exterior renovation project with Bellwether, you want to know that it will be completed in an efficient, timely manner—and what that schedule might be. We understand—you have families, professions, hobbies, busy lives. We want to make sure that your siding project is completed quickly and professionally so that you can get to enjoying the home of your dreams. In this article, we’ll discuss the time it usually takes to properly install fiber cement siding and the factors that can impact the timeline.

We install James Hardie fiber cement siding according to the Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor best practices. Following these guidelines and procedures ensures that your fiber cement siding looks beautiful and performs according to your expectations. We work carefully, but on schedule, and we do our best to communicate that timeline to you in advance.

The size of the project affects timeline—but size isn’t determined by your home’s square footage.

When we are factoring in the size of your home exterior renovation project, we aren’t measuring by the total square footage of your home, which maps the interior, livable space. We’re looking at the square footage of your exterior walls. The total square footage of your walls will impact the amount of siding materials we will need to order and have on-site, and the project can’t begin until all of your materials have arrived. Wall square footage also determines labor time, planning for enough hours to expertly insulate and cover every wall and make sure your moisture barrier will protect your home from damage at every exterior wall.

The complexity of your exterior walls also determines project timeline.

Size isn’t the only factor when it comes to your sheathing. We want to make sure that you get a perfect fit and cut at every point on your home’s exterior, and this means navigating complexities and architectural details. When we order siding materials, we’ll look, not only at the siding itself, but at any materials needed for eaves, dormers, fascia, and soffit. These features add wall square footage to the siding materials required, and they also add to the labor, requiring additional cuts, fitting exceptions, and extra care to ensure that no moisture infiltrates in these areas. We’ll work diligently around corners, windows, doorways, and outcroppings to not compromise the function or beauty of your fiber cement siding.

Bellwether sticks to a close, committed schedule on every project.

Weather permitting, once your fiber cement siding installation begins, our teams don’t abandon your worksite until the job is done. Our installation crews are prepared to spend their working days on your job site from start to finish. While materials, square footage, and architectural complexities do contribute to the scope and timeline of a project, we do our best to make accurate estimates for each customer so that they can prepare their schedules accordingly. On average, a home with 20 square feet of wall space, plus fascia, soffit, and gutters will take approximately 10-15 working days to complete install start to finish. This time estimate allows you to plan accordingly and decide when a siding replacement project best fits into your schedule. 

Bellwether works year-round to accommodate your plans and needs.

If the weather cooperates, it’s best to plan for three weeks for your siding replacement and home exterior renovation project. Fiber cement siding is installed according to best practices, and we need this length of time to ensure the work is expertly done to protect your home from the outside in. Because we are a year-round, all-seasons company, we can find a time on the calendar that meets your needs and plans. In Colorado, summer and autumn siding installations are popular because of warmer weather, but our installation teams are prepared to work around winter and spring snow and rain in order to get your siding project done.

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