Robert & Bernadette Jeffrey – Siding & Window Case Study

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Lyons, Colorado

Type of Siding:

Fiber cement

The Problem:

The Jeffrey’s home suffered from poor insulation and aged windows that no longer sealed properly, creating an issue with the seasonal heating and cooling of the home. The wood board-and-batten siding had also deteriorated and faded, so the home did not match the aesthetic standard of the area.

Proposed Solution:

Re-side the home with a weather- and fade-resistant siding, color matched to their design goals, after ensuring that the walls were adequately insulated and fitted with moisture-lock protection; and replace exterior door and window with updated products, properly fitted and sealed against weather elements.


The Jeffreys were happy with their final results, as well as Bellwether’s communication and workmanship.

The Initial Call:

The Jeffreys wanted a one-stop-shop, to work with one company, from start to finish, to replace their siding and windows as part of a cohesive plan. Robert, who had experience in building maintenance and construction, was concerned about craft and proper installation. Bernadette, who had researched her specific design goals, cared about communication and fully understood the process.

The Consultation:

David Dembicki consulted with Jeffreys to understand their goals, then assessed the property for needs. The wood siding was deteriorating and the color had faded severely; but more than that, there was real concern about fire susceptibility.

Upon entering the house, David could hear a whistling through all corners, caused by air leaks around the windows. This made it difficult to climate control the home in the summer and winter months. He determined that all windows and six exterior doors should be replaced in order to seal against the outdoor elements.

The Jeffreys also wanted their home to beautifully fit into the mountain surroundings of their neighborhood in Lyons. David was able to showcase different color options and design elements for the siding to incorporate a mountain look on the exterior—but he also demonstrated, with digital renderings, how expanded interior window spaces could maximize the mountain view from the inside. He was able to offer them different options and a visual for each so that the Jeffreys could decide what would work, within their budget and list of needs, to achieve the final look they wanted.

The Work:

After crafting a design plan alongside the Jeffreys, Bellwether got to work on an exterior overhaul of the Jeffrys’ home, ensuring that all of the walls were properly insulated and the windows and doors were sealed, locking out moisture and other environmental elements.

The fiber-cement siding was pre-finished in a rich earth tone and installed according to the industry’s best practices so that it would prevent environmental intrusion as well as color-fading under the baking sun.

The Results:

The Jeffreys were pleased with the final results of their home siding and windows, and now the home is secured against the harsh elements of Colorado weather. What’s more, they were impressed by Bellwether’s communication, particularly with the design process.

“What I liked most,” said Robert, “Was how responsive they were. If I called, they called me right back, the same day.”

And Bernadette added, “I have to say this experience has been rewarding. You fear that things aren’t going to turn out the way you want. But when someone is with you, every step of the way, who can answer your questions and can give you that comfort, that gave me a sense of assurance that it was going to get done and it was going to be done right.”

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