What If I Want a Change and How Do I Submit a Siding Change Order?

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When you’re planning a siding replacement or other home exterior renovation, there are a lot of decisions to make. The process can be involved and overwhelming—and with high-quality siding products like James Hardie fiber cement siding, you know your choices will last a lifetime. So, we understand if maybe you change your mind and need to adjust your proposal. It’s possible for us to accommodate your changes, and we like to make sure you understand the processes and costs of a siding order change up-front!

Weigh your options before the order is made

Of course, when we are working with customers through the design process, our goal is to cover all of your siding profile and siding color options during the proposal collaboration. If you’re trying to decide between one siding material or another, or if you’re interested in more than one siding profile, your project guide can price both of those options for your so that you can weigh your options.

When we present you with your proposal, it is a detailed, all-inclusive presentation of your design and installation needs and costs. This includes all of the work and pricing associated with your project to the extent that our evaluation can predict—sometimes there may be problems behind the walls that we won’t see or know about until after tear-off. 

The earlier you submit a change, the better

Your PC meeting is a great time to submit any changes to your signed proposal. If you have a new concern about costs or siding materials, or even if you’ve just changed your mind about a siding profile or siding color, the PC meeting is scheduled before materials are ordered for exactly this reason. We understand that your home exterior renovation is a big undertaking, and we like to take one last meeting to go over your choices and make sure that you’re going to love your home when the job is done. Your project guide will review the proposal one last time at the PC meeting to confirm your decisions.

We can submit a change order after the PC meeting, but it may cost you

After the PC meeting, our design and installation teams are going to get right to work to get your job underway. But sometimes the timing doesn’t line up, and maybe you’ve changed your mind about your siding profile or siding color after the materials have been ordered. Because our main goal at Bellwether is to help you design a home that you love from the outside in, we will work with you on a change order even after the materials have been ordered. However, there may be additional costs associated with changing materials once an order has been placed. If this is the case, your project guide will make sure you understand the pricing changes and associated fees before we place the change order.

Change order chain of command

One of our main values at Bellwether is clear communication. You can always reach a live person through our website or by calling the office.

From the time you begin the planning process, we’ll make sure that you know how to reach everyone on your sales, design, and installation teams. After the PC meeting, we’ll include you on a text thread with your project guide, project manager, and the director so that you know how to reach someone in the event of an emergency or change.

If you are submitting a change order, the process is similar to the initial proposal procedures. We’ll send you a change order document that shows how your project timeline, materials, and costs have been adjusted to incorporate the change, and then you can electronically sign this document to approve the changes. It isn’t complicated—we just want to be transparent and make sure that your home exterior renovation creates your dream home that you love coming home to at the end of every day.

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