What is an Exterior Siding Punch List & Walkthrough?

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At Bellwether, we want you to fall in love with your home again, and this means, we want total customer satisfaction on your siding replacement or home exterior renovation. As part of our installation process, we include checkpoints and transparent communication so that you fully understand the scope of your project and each step along the way. Toward the end of your project, when the crews are wrapping up the bulk of your work, your project guide will schedule a siding punch list and walkthrough. This meeting is for you to ask questions and identify any remaining details that need to be completed in order for your home exterior renovation to be totally finalized and for you to love your home. 

What are the blue tape items on my siding installation project?

Your siding replacement isn’t just that—old siding off, new siding on. At Bellwether, we value design and we want you to love your home. We all know, the beauty is in the details, and so we incorporate this value into our project communications and schedule. Blue tape items are the smaller items that need to be completed before a project is truly finalized.

Anyone who has tackled a home renovation project before knows how it goes: you get the wall painted, but you need to touch-up the baseboard. You install new appliances, but you haven’t gotten to the toe kicks around the cabinets. Our installation teams don’t leave these details unfinished, so you can rest easy knowing that, when you work with Bellwether to complete your siding installation, all of the other details will be finished before we call a project done.

Toward the end of your home renovation project, our crews might pack up large materials and gear, and you may see fewer team members around your house. Rest assured that your project guide will not leave the small pieces unfinished, and you can address every detail at your punch list meeting. This walkthrough identifies the remaining blue tape items, from nail marks or construction waste, to unfinished trim or imperfections. All of these concerns are added to your siding punch list, all of which are ticked off and finalized before we send you a final invoice.

Bellwether guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on your home exterior renovation.

The blue tape walkthrough isn’t a one-and-done meeting. We want you to be madly in love with your home, and so we walk through the punch list with you until the job is done. Bellwether takes it seriously that we aren’t just completely siding installations. We are helping you to build a home, a home that you’ll love for a lifetime. The siding products we recommend are guaranteed for a lifetime, and so should your satisfaction with your siding installation. 

When we create a siding punch list at the blue tape walk through, we will finalize each item with you upon completion. We’ll request your sign-off on the details in order to send you a final invoice, collaborating with you to make sure that your home exterior renovation is completed to perfection.

Bellwether believes in building relationships along with building homes.

We are helping you build the home of your dreams, and so we want to be in a collaborative partnership with you. Relying on mutual respect and trust, we create communication pathways that ensure we are bringing the home of your dreams to life. Your blue tape walkthrough meeting is a part of our promise to make sure that the job is done right and that you are completely satisfied with your home renovation before we leave your property.

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