What Questions Should You Ask a Denver Siding Company Before Signing a Contract?

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A home exterior renovation is a large undertaking and you want a full picture before you invest time and money in a siding replacement. At Bellwether, we begin customer relationships with an open and honest evaluative and proposal process. We want you to ask us questions so that we are on the same page about your siding replacement project, from the siding products used to workmanship and timelines to financing and budget needs. We also expect that you may speak with other Denver siding company before making a decision. We have a list of red flags to watch out for, and we also can suggest these questions for interviewing other contractors in an effort to make the best choice for your family’s investment in home exterior renovation.

Ask your Denver siding company about product and workmanship warranties.

The promise backing a product or service tells you a lot about a siding company’s belief in what they deliver. At Bellwether, we offer some of the most competitive, generous warranties available in the industry today, thanks to our choice in high-quality siding products, such as James Hardie fiber cement, and our own workmanship guarantee.

As an Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor, Bellwether adheres to the industry’s highest installation standards. This is required by brands like James Hardie to install their products, but we are so passionate about our craftsmanship that we double-down on the promise. We guarantee our workmanship with a double-lifetime warranty, which is transferable to one future owner if you sell your home before the warranty runs out.

On top of that, James Hardie offers lifetime warranties on their products—30-year non-pro-rated warranties on their fiber cement siding and 15-year non-pro-rated warranties on their trim products and all of their Color Plus Technology products. This means your siding and associated products will never crack, peel, bubble, or fade.

Ask about the chain of communication and the point people assigned to your siding project.

At Bellwether, we know that siding replacement and home exterior renovation projects are big undertakings! It can feel overwhelming, and we want you to have the information you need to move forward with your project with peace of mind. 

That’s why, when you work with Bellwether for your siding project, we assign you a project guide with all of the information on your home exterior renovation from beginning to end. This project guide is available for any question you might have. But in order to make sure the communication stays open and reliable, we also add you and your project guide to a communication thread including managers and installation crew point people. When there is an issue or a question with your siding replacement, everyone involved knows at the same time so that you can get the best answer as soon as possible.

Ask your Denver siding company about payment structure and expectations for payment.

When your project guide sends you a project proposal for a Bellwether home exterior renovation, it will include all of the project, timeline, and financial information you need to move forward with a contract. We are clear about what money is due, when, and how the project will proceed at each point of payment.

We also promote financial transparency in our siding replacement projects by listing materials costs, labor costs, financing options, payments over time—all out in the open so you know how to prepare, with no surprises along the way.

Ask if the siding contractor is insured.

We prepare for everything, and we work with expert design and installation teams to ensure that your siding replacement is professional and exactly what you hoped for. But accidents can happen, so can mistakes. So that we can continue guaranteeing your satisfaction, Bellwether insures our teams and projects adding to your peace of mind.

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