What Siding Installation Permits & Paperwork Are Required?

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When you begin a home exterior renovation project such as siding replacement, there is already a lot to think about: schedules, siding materials, costs, design options like siding profiles and colors. And then, of course, there is the business side of a home exterior project. Many homeowners wonder what their local government might require of them when beginning a home exterior renovation, and what permits and paperwork are required to begin the project.

At Bellwether, our sales and design teams have decades’ worth of experience in the home exteriors industry, all over Colorado from the Front Range and Fort Collins, through the Denver metro area, and up into the mountains of Summit County. We have worked with homeowners in multiple counties, each with their own requirements, and we understand how to navigate the requirements for your home exterior renovation or siding replacement.

Your location drives the permits and paperwork required

The number one factor in determining what permitting you might need for your home exterior renovation is your home’s location. Generally, these rules are determined by the local county government. Bellwether’s work has spanned Colorado across many counties, including the city and county of Denver, Jefferson County, Adams County, Summit County, Douglas County, and Larimer County. Because our work takes us up and down the Front Range, through Denver, and into the Rocky Mountains, we have worked under several different county laws throughout Colorado.

To determine the requirements for your home’s location, the best place to research is directly on the county website. It is important to remember that your neighborhood might also have an HOA or some other local governance that could affect the permitting process.

Bellwether handles the paperwork

Whatever your location and the corresponding requirements, Bellwether handles the processing and paperwork for you. We use our knowledge, not only of the different Colorado county governments, but of the permitting process to quickly apply for and complete the paperwork required to get your home exterior project underway. Whether it’s a siding replacement or new windows and doors, we can complete the required forms on your behalf, confirming with your local municipality that everything is in order before we begin work.

Display your permit prominently

Once your permit applications are completed and approved, you’ll need to prominently display your permit for any inspections throughout your home exterior renovation. Bellwether will receive the permit paperwork after approval and send you a digital file of the permit. This should be printed out and adhered to a front window or other noticeable location before our installation teams arrive to begin your siding replacement. It’s the only step we ask you to make in the permitting and paperwork process, and we are available to answer any questions about permit display if you run into difficulty.

This information and associated fees are included in your proposal

When you go through the evaluation and proposal process with one of our project guides, we make sure to clearly review all of this information up-front. When you receive the estimate at the end of your proposal, that includes, not only the costs of your materials and labor, but any fees associated with permitting paperwork as well, and you should see it marked that way in the estimate. This is important to note because other companies may not include these fees in their bids, and as you make your decision about a home exteriors renovation company, you want the full picture of what your total costs will be.

Simply put, at Bellwether, we want to make the process as transparent and stress-free as possible. Siding replacement and home exterior renovations are large and sometimes overwhelming undertakings, plus an investment of your time and hard-earned money. We want to collaborate on a home you love and make the process easy and enjoyable, from beginning to end, and that includes managing all of the permits and paperwork required for your siding replacement.

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