Why Are We Writing a Book About Siding?

Table of Contents

We’ve got a website and there are ways to reach us, but at Bellwether, we believe in going above and beyond. A home exterior renovation is a major undertaking—one that we care about! When it comes to our customers—and potential future customers—we want to be a resource. That is why we are writing a book about siding. We want you to love the experience of a siding replacement, we want you to love the siding materials and design you choose, we want you to love working with our team, and we want you to fall in love with your home again.

When you get down to it, there is more to consider than what color to choose for a few planks of wood on the side of your home. We want our customers to feel educated and at-peace with the decisions and the installation on their home renovations project. We wrote the book on siding replacement so that, whether or not you work with Bellwether, you know what to expect in a home exterior renovation and how to get to a home you love every time your drive up the road.

We want to help you decide who to hire.

It makes sense for you to interview multiple contractors. There are many siding replacement companies in the Denver metro area and along the Colorado Front Range. We don’t want to tell you we’re the best so you choose us—we want that to be clear, so that you feel confident and excited about your decision.

We want you to go into each of your siding contractor interviews fully prepared with a list of questions—and potential red flags. You should feel at ease interviewing siding installers about workmanship, siding materials, scheduling, and finances. We try to make that information as clear as possible on our end, and that our sales representatives always have the answers—no waiting while they run a question up the chain-of-command.

We want you to understand your siding materials options.

There are many siding materials to choose from, and there are pros and cons to any and all of them. At Bellwether, we recommend high-quality siding products that are designed to withstand the harsh weather elements of Colorados’s climate. We recommend materials we choose for our own homes to keep them warm, safe, dry—and beautiful. We believe that beauty and function work perfectly hand-in-hand, so we recommend products that achieve that result.

Our sales and design teams are qualified to listen to your needs and your design goals and find a marriage point for both. They will explain the benefits of different siding materials and how you can make a high-design impact while still ensuring that your home is protected against high winds, snow and ice, baking sun, and even the threat of wildfire.

We want to work together on your home exterior renovation, like members of the same team.

We wrote the book on siding installation because knowledge and information aren’t ours to hoard. We believe in values of integrity, hard work, design that is built to last and that’s pleasing to the eye—and we love to work with homeowners who appreciate these same things. 

Our guarantee is that every single one of our customers is 100% satisfied with their siding replacement or home exterior renovation project. We believe that starts with open and honest communication at the beginning. With information in-hand, we can work together to make your dream home an actual reality. We will work with you every step of the way, so that your siding replacement is a collaborative project that you’ll love for a lifetime. 

President & Co-Founder