How do you budget and plan for new siding installation?

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Home exterior remodeling projects such as new siding installation can require a large investment of time and money. But it is a smart investment worth making—and with the proper planning and helpful resources, completely achievable. At Bellwether, we make careful plans, curated to every customer’s individual home wants and needs. And by working with trusted partners, we can help homeowners accomplish their home goals and their financial goals at once. All it takes is education and responsible budgeting. Here, we’ll help you learn how to budget and plan for new siding installation.

You want to work with a qualified home exterior remodeling company.

Because new siding is a large home investment, it’s important to make sure that you are working with an expert in home remodeling. Qualified companies will employee staff with experience, integrity, and a holistic understanding of your home’s exterior. 

At Bellwether, our teams are comprised of honest, efficient workers who have decades of combined experience in home exterior services. We also hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry, and as an Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor, we adhere to James Hardie’s best practices—the top installation requirements in the home exteriors business.

Interview several contractors and get multiple bids before selecting your home exterior remodeling company.

Working with a qualified home exteriors company is important to your long-term goals for your home’s exterior and energy efficiency, however you also need to consider a budget for this high-quality work. The best way to beginning financially planning is to interview multiple siding installation businesses and request a quote from each. When reviewing a quote, you must consider both cost and schedule, and pay attention to how each company will spend money and time.

At Bellwether, we understand the financial needs of our customers, and we are transparent about the requirements needed for each project, budgeting both time and money. We walk through our proposals with the homeowners and point out, not only the up-front costs of each project, but the expected return on investment.

Research the contractor’s processes and suggestions for siding products to account for materials costs in your budget and your long-term home goals.

When contractors and home remodeling businesses are offering quotes, be sure to check what materials they plan to use and what is included in the allotted materials costs. If you are making the investment of new siding installation, you want to ensure that your contractor is using high-quality siding materials that are built to last, especially in the Colorado climate. Be sure that higher materials costs indicate that a high-quality, warrantied product will be used to protect your home’s exterior.

Factor-in your design options with a lifetime in your home in mind.

New siding installation is a big project, and one that, assuming you choose high-quality materials and installation standards, you should tackle once on your home. Because a high-quality siding product, like James Hardie fiber cement siding, will last you a lifetime, even in Colorado, it is important that you invest, not only in the materials, but in a siding design that you will love.

At Bellwether, our sales teams and design teams work hand-in-hand so that you have a beautiful finished result that protects your home and that you love coming home to, each and every day.

Review all of your financing options, including cash, a bank HELOC, or even financing through Bellwether.

There are many benefits to paying cash for your new siding installation, and if you can plan and save money to do so, you can avoid paying interest and piling up your home costs.

However, new siding replacement is a big undertaking, and sometimes it needs to be done immediately. For homeowners looking for financing options, Bellwether works with trusted financial partners for great rates and payment plans that fit many different budgets. We can help you compare these programs to your bank’s financing options, such as a home equity line of credit (HELOC). If you need to replace your siding, don’t let the cost stand in your way. Bellwether can help you prepare.

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