How do you pay for your siding project?

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Bellwether understands that a siding replacement and home exterior renovation can be a major undertaking of time and finances. You’re making a large investment in the lifetime of your home and the quality of your life in it—and we want to make the payment process as simple as possible. With transparent communication and trusted financial partners, Bellwether customers are able to finance their siding project with peace of mind, resting easy in the homes of their dreams.

The payment process is laid out in the initial proposal meeting, along with different financing options. We ensure that you have a step-by-step understanding of what you’re paying for and how to pay for it. We want to meet your design goals and your financial needs with these easy payment steps.

Our staged payment process splits invoicing into a down payment and balance payment upon completion.

We like to get to know you and your property before we begin work. By the time we’ve evaluated your home and submitted a proposal to you, we’ve made sure to discuss your design goals and the best way to achieve them. Your proposal will break down project costs, showing the total estimate for your siding replacement or home exterior renovation project.

In order to begin work, we’ll ask for a 20% down payment as good faith, and to order the necessary materials and schedule labor for your project to begin. This is all we will require up front, and we will work with you, however you might need to finance the remaining balance.

A “substantial completion” of your siding project is the bulk of the renovation work, which may require balance payment.

When we schedule your siding replacement or home exterior renovation, weather permitting, your installation crew is dedicated to your home renovation project. This means that they will show up to your property during all the working days of your scheduled project until the job is done.

After installation is completed, there may be minor items left on your “punch list,” small finishes or blue tape touches that don’t require an entire crew. In these instances, we will invoice for the remaining balance on your contract, save for a small reserve until all of the details are completed.

Our promise to our customers is to complete a project down to the final detail, and we want to ensure your comfort and peace of mind in the work and results you’re paying for. Your project guide will work closely with you until the final detail has been completed, and then we will collect the final reserve.

Bellwether offers generous financing so customers can complete the home exterior renovation project of their dreams.

Siding replacement and other home exterior renovations can be costly because they are long-term investments in your home. We offer fair prices to our customers, and we also recommend high-quality materials that will show a return on investment. Because these large-scale projects can require a higher budget, we like to work with our customers to make payment manageable.

Alongside trusted financial partners, Bellwether offers generous financing, same as cash, with no interest and no payments for 18 months. This safety net allows you to begin work on your home exterior, reaching your design goals, while allowing time to financially prepare for the full scope of your home renovation.

Your project guide will complete a proposal based on your needs and goals, which will include various options for siding materials, design plans, and financing options. This allows you to choose the best option for your long-term investment in your home.

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