What Happens to a Residential Siding Job Site Before, During, and at the End of the Project?

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At Bellwether, we are all about high-quality work—and that includes detailed, transparent communication about your siding job site. We want you to understand where your investment is going. From the siding products you choose to a clearly communicated schedule, knowledge is power. We hope to contribute to your sense of peace at home.

When we prepare for a home exterior renovation on a residential property, there are several steps that involve you, the homeowner, from the beginning to end. This isn’t to make more work for you or because we lack expertise, rather to contribute to a sense of camaraderie and team work between you, your project guide, the installation crews, and management. When everyone understands the scope of work and how the job will get done, the work will run efficiently and smoothly, yielding great final results and a home you’ll fall in love with again.

Work with your project guide to determine drop-off points.

Before work actually begins, we will prepare the siding job site. This includes situating a roll-off dumpster and organizing all materials on-site so that everything is good to go when your installation crews arrive to begin work. Work with your project guide to assess the property for the best positioning of your dumpster and for materials storage. The project guide can advise on streamlining job processes, and you can let them know how your family will need to access and utilize the property during scheduled work.

We want to meet with you for on-site meetings.

In an effort to honor your time, we like to schedule set pre-construction meetings. With confirmed appointments on the schedule, our project guides can ensure the proper amount of time to evaluate your property, curate your project, and cover the details before construction begins. One of these meetings will be a pre-construction walkthrough, and we’ll work together to make sure that the property is prepared for work to begin safely and easily, ensuring a beautiful, high-quality final result.

We want to set expectations for the construction period.

Part of working together during your home renovation project is managing expectations on both sides. We want to hear about your needs and concerns as you live in an active construction site, including children’s toys, landscaping, working hours, and other factors that may affect daily living. We’ll try to schedule according to your needs and calendar.

Conversely, your project guide will prepare you for what it means for your home to be actively under construction. Though we are as respectful as possible, this includes loud noises and some mess. Our goal is to restore peace to your property at the end of the job, with even more beautiful siding than you had before, and we ask that you bear with us during the messy, noisy construction process.

We won’t wrap-up without you.

Just like we ask for your availability at the start of a job, we like to finish the job with you too. Our final walkthrough meeting involves painters and other crew members tackling a punch-list so that we can make sure every detail is accounted for. After a couple of a weeks on the siding job site, your fresh eyes can help us evaluate anything that looks amiss or out of place. We want you to be, not only satisfied, but in love with your new home exterior, and we’ll work with you through to the end to make sure the job is done right.

It’s all about communication.

Bellwether believes in open communication, which is why we like to set these expectations up front. We also want to make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the renovation process, so we make it easy for you to reach your project guide, your crews, and the management teams all in one place. If something falls outside of these expectations, we’re here for you to set things right.

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