What is the ROI for a Re-Side and Can I Get Financing for Home Siding?

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Siding replacement is a large undertaking of time and money. When you’re making a big investment, especially an exterior renovation on your home, it is natural to wonder how such an investment will continue to benefit you in the future, and how you can make that investment in the present. Any home renovation project usually requires a lump sum of money to get the job done, but the benefits of such improvements exceed your life in the home. Yes, home renovations help you build the house of your dreams, but it also means value-added to your property, which will financially benefit you or your loved ones in the future. In this blog, we’ll discuss what the ROI for a re-side project is.

What is the ROI on a re-side project in Colorado?

Home improvements and renovations are necessary for your quality of life in your home, but they also help you build equity. Your home is a place for family life and a sense of calm, but it is also one of your greatest assets. Investing time and money into home improvements and beautification adds value to your daily life at home, and it adds value to your personal wealth.

An ROI is a “return on investment.” Essentially, ROI estimates the value you will get back on an investment. When you replace siding, you are investing in the health and beauty of your home. Bellwether completes these renovations with high-quality materials built to last and expert workmanship that we back for two lifetimes.

However, siding does devalue over time, and so questioning the ROI on your siding replacement is smart research. The good news is, in the Denver area, an ROI on a re-side in 2023 is 75%. This means that you’ll earn back 75% of your investment in your siding replacement with value added to the total worth of your home.

Additionally, if you choose Bellwether for your siding replacement, our installations are backed by a double-lifetime warranty and they are transferable. When you sell your home with Bellwether-installed siding, the value remains higher because the new owners will inherit our workmanship warranty as if they had made the investment—something very appealing to potential buyers.

Beautification and curb appeal are a sort of ROI.

When homeowners discuss ROI, they’re usually talking in terms of money, but we are big believers in the quality of life ROI as well. When you pull up to your newly sided house, we want you to be coming home to the place of your dreams. 

Our design and install teams work closely with our customers to make sure that your investment doesn’t just earn you equity, but that it actually improves your quality of life. With high-quality products like James Hardie fiber cement, which requires almost no maintenance, you’ll earn back hours in a day to spend with your family or doing the things you love. And you’ll come home after those fun-filled days to put your feet up in the place that looks and feels exactly as you imagined your dream home.

Bellwether offers financing to get you the home of your dreams.

We understand: building dream homes costs money. You want to invest in your home, but you need the cash to do so. Replacing your home siding and completing home exterior renovations takes time and money, and we are here to help. We want you to not only have your dream home, but to get there with peace of mind that it’s an investment that will benefit you, not cause stress.

We work with trusted financial partners to offer generous financing options to our customers, including no interest for 18 months and no payments, same as cash. When you work with our sales team and project guide to craft your home exterior renovations proposal, we can walk through all of your financing options and get you on your way to falling in love with your home again.

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