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Replacing Cedar Siding With James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Is The Best Investment For Colorado Homeowners For Exterior Protection And Interior Efficiency.

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Location: Boulder, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Year Built: 1979
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie ColorPlus Lap Siding in Arctic White and Woodtone.

Replacing cedar siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding is the best investment for Colorado homeowners for exterior protection and interior efficiency.

When these Boulder homeowners, called Bellwether, she knew she needed to update their 1979 home from the outside in. The old cedar siding was original to the home, as were the aluminum windows. Not only was the exterior aged and deteriorating, the home had become inefficient and ill-equipped for the Colorado weather elements.

Bellwether always recommends replacing cedar plank siding. Wood siding warps and degrades over time, due to environmental decay from wind, snow, and baking Colorado sun. When wood siding breaks down, your home is losing its protective shell, and the outdoor destruction working on your home’s exterior begins to affect the interior as well. Choosing a high-quality siding material such as James Hardie fiber cement siding means investing in a product that will hold up against these extreme elements for a lifetime. A composite siding material pressed in a factory-controlled setting, fiber cement siding will not warp or break or puncture, regardless of the weather. 

Because fiber cement siding will protect a home for a lifetime, the customer also chose to update all of the insulation, ensuring energy efficiency throughout the home. Bellwether replaced the underlayment and sprayed foam insulation into the walls before warping everything in James Hardie wrap and installing this James Hardie fiber cement lap siding, protecting the home from the outside walls, in.

Boulder home with fiber cement siding doesn’t sacrifice design or the beautiful, rustic appearance of wood siding thanks to James Hardie Color Plus technology and Woodtone treatment.

First and foremost, the homeowners wanted their home to be safe, warm, and dry, but at Bellwether, we believe that function and beauty can work hand-in-hand. James Hardie ColorPlus fiber cement siding is crafted with rich, long-lasting color to preserve your home’s beauty for years to come. The pressing process for fiber cement siding planks is designed to mimic a wood grain. They also chose a Woodtone finish in Winchester Brown to add warming, rustic touches to the home exterior. It looks like a Colorado-inspired wood finish, but it offer the protection of James Hardie fiber cement siding and will hold up in the weather and resist fire as well.

With ColorPlus technology, this James Hardie fiber cement lap siding in Arctic White will stay snowy and clean looking for a lifetime. This technology cures the fiber cement siding color in a factory-controlled environment so that the siding color will never chip, peel, or crack. James Hardie guarantees this with a 15-year ColorPlus warranty, so the customers know investment in their home will last for years.

Bellwether recommends James Hardie protective layers and details, such as siding, trim, and underlayment, for a high-functioning, cohesive finish to this updated Boulder home.

Since the customer was rebuilding the exterior walls from the inside out, the Bellwether design team wanted to make sure everything was finished beautifully. To create this clean, cohesive look, Bellwether also turned to James Hardie for trim and soffit materials, all offering the protective quality of fiber cement and the rich, long-lasting Arctic White shade that the customer had chosen for her James Hardie ColorPlus lap siding. The end result is a perfectly matched home exterior, in color, design, and durable protection that they can rely on for a lifetime, thanks to James Hardie’s 30-year product warranty.

Updates to the cedar plank siding and old aluminum windows ensure that this Boulder home is energy efficient and temperature-controlled in all seasons.

Because of this Boulder home’s age, it wasn’t just the cedar siding affecting the energy efficiency. As the cedar siding warped and degraded, the old aluminum windows also became a problem. Bellwether isn’t just a team of siding experts—we are skilled in all of your home exterior needs, and it is a wise choice to replace your windows when replacing siding so that everything fits tight and can be neatly sealed. The customers chose Pella Impervia windows in black. Pella windows are a high-quality, energy-efficient window option, and the black color choice contrasts nicely with the James Hardie ColorPlus lap siding in Arctic White for a clean, modern finish.

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