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The Owners Of This Victorian-Inspired Breckenridge Vacation Rental Needed To Update Their property To Hold Up In The Hefty Colorado Mountain Weather

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Location: 206 1/2 S Harris Street Breckenridge Co 80424
Siding Composition: James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding In Iron Gray With Arctic White Trim
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding In Iron Gray With Arctic White Trim
Siding & Trim Colors: Bellwether installed 16 windows and all new sisinf, trim and insulation. This home is a beautiful vacation rental in Breckenridge!

The owners of this Victorian-inspired Breckenridge vacation rental needed to update their property to hold up in the hefty Colorado mountain weather.

Like many old mountain homes, this charming property was clad in wood siding for a quaint, natural look. Unfortunately, wood siding is a vulnerable siding choice for any home, especially one built deep in the mountains like this Breckenridge location. Nestled below the world-famous ski resort, this house had been pounded with snowstorms, high winds, and baking sun for years. Wood siding is incredibly vulnerable in any climate. Its porous nature soaks up moisture during winter weather months, which bakes and expands in the regular Colorado sunshine—and Breckenridge is famous for its long winters and days and days of sunshine. The result is spongey wood siding that warps and cracks under the pressure of its own contracting and expanding. The charm of a vintage home is lost when the exterior looks damaged and aged.

If not properly cared for, damaged siding will invite issues bigger than aesthetics. Even in the crisp mountain air, damaged wood can begin to rot, growing mold and creating a breeding ground for insects and other pests. Many wild animals roam the forests of the surrounding Rocky Mountains, and soft wood is appealing to rodents and woodpeckers as well.

Even wet and soft, wood siding is very vulnerable to fires as well, and Breckenridge has seen its fair share of damage during wildfire season. Because the owners don’t live in this property, they needed a siding product that would protect the home with little maintenance.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is the perfect siding product to harden a home against intense weather patterns and wildfires.

What these property owners wanted for their vacation rental was peace of mind—knowing that, even when they weren’t in town, their home and their guests would be safe inside the house. They needed a siding product that would provide this comfort without too much care or worry that, over time, it would weaken.

James Hardie fiber cement is designed to be resilient, even in the precarious and unpredictable Colorado mountain climate. The mixture of cement and cellulose fibers is impenetrable, keeping out moisture, pests, and cold air. It also hardens a home against wildlife infiltration, and it will never crack, peel, warp, or even dent in hail, guaranteed by its 30-year warranty, the most generous product warranty on the market.

Additionally, fiber cement siding from James Hardie has a grade-A fire rating. It is resistant to spark and flame, meaning this Breckenridge rental property is safe during wildfire season too—and with hardly any maintenance.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is a design-versatile product that maintained the Victorian-inspired design of this Breckenridge property in modern, elevated ColorPlus options.

Breckenridge is dotted with darling Victorian-era homes that are a nod to the resort’s history and long-lasting charm. These Breckenridge property owners wanted the same aesthetic and standard for this property. They chose a timeless lap siding, which with James Hardie’s factory-controlled process is pressed to mimic the grain of wood. James Hardie fiber cement siding is available in more than 700 color choices, meaning the homeowners could find the perfect balance of vintage charm and modern luxury for the property’s exterior.

They opted for lap siding in Iron Gray, which was a bold statement, a nod to the modern and Scandinavian design popular in mountain communities. The trim, finished in James Hardie Arctic White draws the eye to the Victorian design elements and charming nuances, creating great contrast from the curb.

James Hardie siding products are also guaranteed with a 15-year Color Plus warranty, so this Breckenridge property will remain steadfast and brilliant, without heavy-handed care from the owners. They can confidently rent the property while they are away and know that, when they come into town to enjoy the beauty of the Colorado mountains, their Breckenridge home will be as beautiful 15 years from now as it is today.

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