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This Colorado Suburb Homeowner Saw Some Trouble Spots In Their Wood Composite Siding, But Also Needed New Windows—A Consultation With Bellwether Set Them Up With A Project Plan For Both

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Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Primed Trim and Primed TruWood Lap Siding
Year Built: 1989
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Primed Trim and Primed TruWood Lap Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: Pella 250 windows in white and update three walls of siding with Primed TruWood Lap Siding and James Hardie Primed Trim.

This Colorado suburb homeowner saw some trouble spots in their wood composite siding, but also needed new windows—a consultation with Bellwether set them up with a project plan for both.

With wood composite siding from 1989, this Highlands Ranch homeowner knew that some trouble spots on several exterior walls needed attention. But replacing the siding on this large home seemed like a large undertaking—especially since the homeowner also wanted to replace old, warped windows around the home as well.

Wood composite siding is not an ideal siding choice for Colorado homes, and trouble spots can quickly grow and cause further damage. Upon inspection, Bellwether knew that we needed to address the siding issues, but replacing the old windows was important too.

The good news: it’s actually a smart decision and investment to replace siding and windows at the same time. Not only does it make sense in the process, it ensures a snug, energy-efficient fit at installation. Bellwether created a project proposal that addressed all of the homeowner’s needs and once the plan was set, we were able to replace all of the old windows with Pella 250 windows in white and update three walls of siding with Primed TruWood lap siding and James Hardie primed trim.

With Bellwether’s transparent fixed pricing programs, the homeowner replaced all of their windows with Pella 250 windows in white for an updated, energy-efficient home.

Siding replacement and window replacement are both large undertakings, and completing both projects at once can feel overwhelming. That’s why, at Bellwether, we work with homeowners with all budgets and timeframes to create project proposals that make sense. With transparent fixed pricing, we sorted out a budget plan that allowed this Highlands Ranch homeowner to replace all of the old windows with new, high-quality Pella 250 windows, making their home more beautiful and energy efficient. 

Because it made the most sense from an installation perspective to address the siding issues at the same time we were replacing windows, we organized the project proposal to include siding replacement, working within the homeowners time constraints and budgetary needs. By updating the old wood composite siding with new TruWood Primed lap siding, we eliminated all of the trouble spots on this 1989 home, refreshing it with a beautiful new exterior that will prevent future moisture damage and energy inefficiency. 

This Highlands Ranch home is now more energy efficient and protected against moisture damage from crumbling wood composite siding with new Primed TruWood lap siding and James Hardie Primed Trim.

By addressing the siding and window issues at once, this Highlands Ranch home was immediately upgraded in both style and function. Siding and window replacement eliminated the obvious wear-and-tear on the home’s exterior, elevating the curb appeal and bringing beauty back to the home.

These fixes improved the home’s functionality as well. With old damaged wood composite siding, the exterior walls were susceptible to energy leaks, lacked temperature control, and invited pests and further deterioration. The new Primed TruWood lap siding sealed off any gaps and chipping so that the homeowner can maintain temperature control and protect their home against moisture damage. New Pella 250 windows further seal the home against weather elements and temperature changes, keeping the heat in and cold and moisture out. 

Thanks to Bellwether’s design and sales teams’ big picture thinking, this home’s trouble spots were easily erased, and the homeowner was able to completely overhaul the home for beauty and energy efficiency. 

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