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Vinyl siding Is Not Built To Last Like James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding, Which Offers The Same Classic Style With High-Quality, Durable Materials

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Location: Johnstown, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Year Built: 2015
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie fiber cement siding in Timberbark and Khaki Brown and Cobblestone Trim

Vinyl siding is not built to last like James Hardie fiber cement lap siding, which offers the same classic style with high-quality, durable materials.

Even though this Johnstown home was less than ten years old, the homeowners had growing concerns over a particular exterior wall of their original vinyl siding. A decade ago, vinyl siding was a go-to siding material, claiming to be the most affordable option. While vinyl siding is only slightly less the investment of a high-quality siding material like fiber cement siding, it presents long-term costs and problems because it is a vulnerable siding material.

Vinyl siding is susceptible to all sorts of environmental hazards, and especially for Colorado homes where the weather elements can be severe. From baking sun to high winds and snow and ice, Colorado homeowners must consider their natural surroundings when making a smart siding choice. Vinyl siding will not hold up to these weather elements, and soon, it begins to warp. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, vinyl siding on Colorado homes begins to pull away from the exterior wall, exposing the home to the outside environment. This means this Johnstown home was less energy efficient and difficult to temperature control.

Vinyl siding can also easily chip, crack, and peel as it weakens under the weather. And vinyl siding is difficult to repair or replace in small sections because of the material type. This means, for a single point of damage, the homeowner may need to replace an entire wall.

What’s more, vinyl siding easily fades under the baking Colorado sun, causing the home to age more quickly by losing the vibrant color original to the outside walls. And when it comes to replacing sections of vinyl siding, it can be difficult to color-match when the original color has faded.

Fiber cement lap siding is the best choice for Colorado homeowners because, unlike vinyl siding, it is resilient against all of these weather elements, as well as resistant to fire thanks to its grade-A fire rating. 

Bellwether works with homeowner for full siding replacement with James Hardie fiber cement siding after presenting other home exterior options.

Bellwether answered the call to inspect the problematic wall of vinyl siding on this Johnstown, CO home, and shared this information about vinyl siding with the homeowner. Our team will always work with homeowners to present options, and the sales reps drew up some plans for partial siding replacement in the problem areas on the home.

The homeowners, however, understood the value of a long-term investment, and saw how, with a partial replacement, the remaining pieces of vinyl siding would only present future problems. They opted for a long-term investment in their home by a full siding replacement with James Hardie fiber cement siding, so that their classic Johnstown, CO home would remain the beautiful place they had fallen in love with.

Homeowner chooses timeless, long-lasting color options with the James Hardie Color Plus technology guarantee.

This Johnstown, CO neighborhood is full of clean, timeless tones and styles, and the homeowners wanted to achieve a look that was similar to the original design. Thankfully, James Hardie fiber cement siding is a versatile siding material, and it can be installed to recreate almost any siding style. Bellwether used James Hardie fiber cement lap siding in the original siding profile on the home.

The customers also loved the cohesion of their neutral tones among the other homes in the neighborhood and the surround Colorado scenery. Thanks to James Hardie’s more than 700 color options in their two color collections, Bellwether could match the original siding colors in the homeowners’ new fiber cement siding. With James Hardie Color Plus technology, their Timberbark and Khaki Brown lap siding and Cobblestone trim will not fade in the Colorado sun, and it won’t chip, peel, or crack after exposure to other weather elements. The earth-inspired tones will remain rich for a lifetime, meaning that this timeless home design will charm these Johnstown, CO homeowners for years to come. 

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