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Cedar Siding is not as Optimal for Colorado Weather Elements as James Hardie Color Plus Lap Siding

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Location: Littleton, Colorado
Siding Composition: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Year Built: 1989
Siding Brand & Profile: JH Color Plus Lap Siding, Lap Siding Cobblestone
Siding & Trim Colors: Lap Siding, JH Color Plus Lap Siding, JH Color Plus Arctic White, Lap Siding Cobblestone

This Littleton home needed to removed its aging cedar siding. The siding looked damaged and no amount of paint of sanding could make this siding look good. Bellwether removed the old cedar siding and installed James Hardie ColorPlus siding in Cobblestone with Arctic White trim. We think this home’s curb appeal has increased significantly. What do you think?

Cedar siding is not as optimal for Colorado weather elements as James Hardie Color Plus lap siding.

Like many Colorado homes from the 1980s, Whitney Hager’s Littleton, CO home was finished in a cedar siding. Cedar siding was popular along the Front Range because of its rustic, natural appearance and natural materials. Many homebuilders at the time used cedar siding to incorporate a mountain or forest feeling in a home’s design. But cedar siding does not hold up to the Colorado elements, and certainly not to the extent that James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement lap siding can.

Cedar siding is made of a wood or wood composite. In Colorado’s dry climate, cedar siding can quickly become cracked or brittle, especially on homes with maximum sun exposure. This early damage makes cedar siding susceptible to moisture damage from rains, snow and ice. One the deterioration begins, cedar siding is vulnerable to high winds, pests—and in Colorado, at high-risk during wildfire season.

Whitney’s cedar siding was not the best siding option for her Littleton, CO home. Her cedar siding would not keep her home dry, warm, or energy efficient in Colorado’s environment. What’s more, the damage to the cedar siding made the home appear in disrepair. Whitney wanted her home protected and to look beautiful again.

Bellwether’s sales and design teams explained the benefits of James Hardie fiber cement siding. With James Hardie fiber cement, your home is guaranteed to be both safe and beautiful—we love when design and function work hand-in-hand. Fiber cement siding safeguards your home from all weather and nature elements, including wildfire. It’s composite composition is impermeable to moisture and our crews know to install the siding as it is designed, to wick away moisture.

James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement siding is crafted to mimic wood grain to maintain a beautiful Colorado-inspired design.

James Hardie fiber cement is crafted to emulate wood siding, like Whitney’s cedar siding. This means that, by choosing James Hardie fiber cement, Whitney could maintain the traditional, Colorado-inspired charm of wood with the protection of fiber cement.

Whitney chose James Hardie Color Plus lap siding for an updated design, and she selected a beautiful earth tone shade called Cobblestone for subtle, chic curb appeal. The Arctic White trim is also a James Hardie Color Plus product, and it adds a measure of depth and contrast so that the brick elements of Whitney’s home really stand out.

James Hardie Color Plus lap siding will last a lifetime on Whitney’s Littleton, CO home.

Whitney selected Cobbletone and Arctic White for her James Hardie Color Plus lap siding and trim, knowing that her new home siding will last her for years to come. All James Hardie fiber cement products are offered with a 30-year warranty, so Whitney doesn’t have to worry about the deterioration she experienced with cedar siding. Plus, James Hardie’s Color Plus technology utilizes a factory-controlled color application that is cured between coats, so her Cobblestone lap siding and Arctic White trim will never crack, peel or chip. James Hardie Color Plus products are covered by a 15-year warranty, so Whitney’s color choices will remain as rich and beautiful as the day they were installed.

Now Whitney’s home boasts a design she loves coming home to, and once she’s settled inside, she can rest with peace-of-mind, knowing that her James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement siding will keep her warm, dry, and safe from the Colorado elements.

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