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Homeowners Often Wonder About The Investment Of Time In Their Siding Replacement Project, And With Our Streamlined Sales And Installation Practices, Bellwether Gets The Job Done Quickly

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Location: Loveland, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Siding
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Color Plus Fiber Cement Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: Fiber Cement Siding in Gray Slate, with James Hardie Trim in Arctic White for a high-contrast design.

Homeowners often wonder about the investment of time in their siding replacement project, and with our streamlined sales and installation practices, Bellwether gets the job done quickly.

Siding replacement in Colorado is a necessary investment, but it can be costly and time consuming. Homeowners often wonder how long it takes to complete a full siding replacement project, and this Loveland, CO home is an excellent example of how quickly and seamlessly Bellwether can complete a siding replacement. 

When the Loveland homeowners first contacted us about their deteriorating wood composite siding, our sales team set a meeting to assess the home exterior. Within three days, we had sent the homeowners a project proposal based on materials, their needs, and their budget, including generous financing options offered through our partners. Wisely, the homeowners met with other contractors, and spent the next month interviewing other companies and receiving quotes. Ultimately, they decided upon Bellwether and signed the contract.

Some timelines are dependent on materials availability, but the customers opted for a James Hardie fiber cement siding product that was in-stock in Denver. With the siding products available, we were able to begin work within a month of the contract signing. Because our crews never leave the job site, except on Sundays, we guarantee that our work is being completed in a focused, efficient manner. Our expert installation teams were done with this Loveland, CO siding replacement in a couple of months, meaning the entire project was wrapped from contract to completion in under four months.

This 30-year-old Loveland, CO home upgraded original wood composite siding to more durable, more beautiful James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Efficiency doesn’t mean we cut corners, and at Bellwether, we always recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding, especially for homes along the front range like this Loveland, CO property. The original home was 30 years old, and the crumbling wood composite siding was original. It needed to be upgraded to a durable, long-lasting product, designed to withstand the Colorado elements.

James Hardie fiber cement siding sets the gold standard in the industry for fiber cement siding. A composite material of cement and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding is designed to hold up in extreme temperatures, snow and ice, high winds, and baking sun—all weather elements common in Loveland, CO. 

Most importantly for Colorado homeowners, fiber cement siding is resistant to spark and flame, so when it comes to wildfire season, these homeowners can rest easy knowing their home is safe from fire destruction.

James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement siding was in-stock in Denver, CO, for a quick installation once the contract was signed.

A huge part of the siding replacement timeline is product availability. As an Elite Preferred James Hardie contractor, we work closely with distributors to source these high-quality materials. These products were both in-stock in Denver, CO, which meant our installation teams could get to work right away. Once the homeowners made their decision and signed the contract, we set our teams in motion.

These homeowners chose a fiber cement siding in Gray Slate, with James Hardie trim in Arctic White for a high-contrast design. James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement siding is an excellent choice because the color will never crack, peel, chip, or fade, even under the hot Loveland, CO sun. And the James Hardie Color Plus warranty guarantees these colors remain rich and protected for 15 years, with little to no maintenance.

Bellwether can install fiber cement siding quickly, but a James Hardie Color Plus siding replacement will last you a lifetime.

The work was completed in less than four months, but this fiber cement siding replacement was installed expertly and designed to last from product to the final installation. At Bellwether, we adhere to James Hardie’s high installation standards, ensuring that the fiber cement siding does the job it was designed to do. With James Hardie’s 30-year product warranty, the homeowners’ new fiber cement siding will remain beautiful and high-functioning for a lifetime. 

We take pride in our efficient, careful installation practices. From our sales team through the installation, we work closely with homeowners to meet their needs for their homes and their budgets.

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