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The Original Wood Siding On This Morrison, CO Home Was Rotting And Creating Major Problems For The Homeowners

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Location: 8696 S Fairall Rd Morrison, CO 80465
Siding Composition: James Hardie Fiber Cement For A Perfectly Charming, Rustic Mountain Home
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Fiber Cement For A Perfectly Charming, Rustic Mountain Home
Siding & Trim Colors: Bellwether gave this home the upgrade it needed. They had original wood siding that was rotting. We gave this home a unique design to fit the rustic look the mountain loving homeowners were looking for.

The original wood siding on this Morrison, CO home was rotting and creating major problems for the homeowners

Morrison is definitely considered mountain living, and homes in the mountains are particularly vulnerable in the Colorado climate. Decades of snowstorms, high winds, and baking sun, which are all common in Morrison, CO, can take a serious toll on many types of siding. In particular, wood siding is incredibly vulnerable. Its porous nature soaks up moisture during winter weather months, which bakes and expands in the regular Colorado sunshine. The result is spongey wood siding that warps and cracks under the pressure of its own contracting and expanding.

Once wood siding softens and has soaked up moisture, big issues can take root. This Morrison, CO home had wood rot, which can lead to mold and pest infestation if not tended to. Because Morrison’s mountainous and wooded environment is also home to wild life, the wood siding was at-risk of other animal damage and infiltration, especially rodents and woodpeckers.

Even when moisture-ridden, wood siding is still easily threatened by wildfires, which are common in Morrison and other Colorado mountain communities. This aged wood siding faced multiple threats in its condition and the homeowners wanted to replace the wood siding with something that would protect them against all of these challenges for a lifetime.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is designed to hold up against every element of the Colorado mountain climate, and was the best siding choices for this Morrison, CO home.

The homeowners wanted to overhaul their mountain home with long-lasting protection in mind. After seeing the damage that can be done to wood siding over years of Colorado mountain weather, they wanted to choose a siding product that could withstand the climate with little maintenance.

Our team recommended James Hardie fiber cement because it is designed to be resilient under all of these circumstances. The mixture of cement and cellulose fibers is impenetrable, keeping out moisture, pests, and cold air. It also hardens a home against wildlife infiltration, and it will never crack, peel, warp, or even dent in hail, guaranteed by its 30-year warranty, the most generous product warranty on the market.

Additionally, fiber cement siding from James Hardie has a grade-A fire rating. It is resistant to spark and flame, meaning it can even safeguard this Morrison, CO home during wildfire season. With little- to no maintenance, the Morrison homeowners knew that they could have a safe, protected home for years to come.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is also a beautiful, design-versatile siding product and could help the homeowners maintain a rustic, mountain-style home exterior.

Traditionally, mountain homes were clad in wood siding to organically fit into their natural surroundings. A wood home in the mountains is rustic and earthy, and these mountain dwellers didn’t want to lose that aspect of their home’s design.

Because James Hardie can be pressed into any siding profile and is designed to mimic wood grain, choosing a high-quality protective siding product didn’t mean the homeowners gave up their design goals. James Hardie fiber cement siding is available in more than 700 color choices, including Woodtone, which emulates a wood stain instead of paint. This wide variety gave the homeowners an incredible amount of creative freedom, and working with our design team, they came up with a design that fit all of their needs, beauty and function working hand-in-hand.

For the main siding, the homeowners opted for two tones: James Hardie Rich Espresso and WoodTone Rustic Series Old Cherry. These organic, woody shades were the perfect choices for a rustic mountain cabin look. To elevate the design and highlight the home’s clean lines and unique mountain layout, the homeowners installed James Hardie trim in Arctic White, creating a clean contrast and adding depth to the whole design.

James Hardie siding products are also guaranteed with a 15-year Color Plus warranty. Unlike the old wood siding, this Morrison, CO home’s new James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim will remain steadfast and brilliant—the color will never fade or peel away, even under the hot sun. These Morrison homeowners will enjoy the mountain home of their dreams for years to come.

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