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This Quaint Bailey, CO Cabin Is Nestled By Woods And Water, But The Wood Siding Was Aged And Ruined In An Unappealing Way

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Location: 943 Wisp Creek Drive Bailey CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie fiber cement siding in Iron Gray and WoodTone Rustic Series in Aspen Ridge
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie fiber cement siding in Iron Gray and WoodTone Rustic Series in Aspen Ridge
Siding & Trim Colors: Beauty and function meet with this design. We did WoodTone Rustic Series and the Iron Gray Board and Batten to create a modern rustic moutain lake home in Bailey Colorado.

This quaint Bailey, CO cabin is nestled by woods and water, but the wood siding was aged and ruined in an unappealing way.

Most Coloradans think of wooden homes when they picture mountain cabins. This Bailey, CO home had the appeal of setting, but the wood siding was deteriorating—detracting from the idyllic image. Even though we’ve been conditioned to imagine cabins clad in wood, wood siding is the worst siding product for homes in the mountains.

The dry and snowy climate in Bailey, CO took a toll on this wood siding over the years. The porous wood soaked up moisture and then warped under the baking Colorado sun. This process of contracting and expanding under hot and cold conditions makes wood siding incredibly vulnerable. It buckles and pulls away, exposing the wall beneath the siding and inviting moisture damage and rot, pest infiltration, and further destruction like splitting or peeling.

Mountain homes like this one in Bailey, CO should be clad in a siding product that is built for the climate with a long-lasting guarantee. That’s why these Bailey homeowners decided to complete their siding replacement with James Hardie fiber cement siding.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is the best siding product on the market to protect mountain homes in Bailey, CO from the challenges of Colorado weather.

We recommended the homeowner choose fiber cement siding, which is the best siding choice for Colorado homes. James Hardie fiber cement siding is designed for mountain living. It is comprised of cement and cellulose fibers, a combination that is pressed to become impenetrable to moisture and other weather-related challenges. Fiber cement siding will never crack, peel, chip, or warp and it holds up for a lifetime, even under baking sun.

Most importantly for Bailey, CO homeowners, fiber cement siding is fire resistant. Bailey and the surrounding mountain communities are at high-risk during wildfire season. This home is surrounded by woods and dry grasses, which would serve as kindling to a home built with wood siding. But with James Hardie fiber cement siding, which has a grade-A fire rating, this Bailey, CO home is now completely protected and ready to withstand all climate challenges, including wildfire.

Replacing siding with fiber cement siding did not compromise the perfect rustic design of wood siding.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is the most versatile siding product for all designs. Whatever the siding profile, fiber cement is factory-pressed to mimic the grain of wood. Using fiber cement siding, these Bailey homeowners could stay true to their idyllic rustic wood cabin in the mountains. James Hardie utilizes WoodTone coloring to create identical shades to popular wood stains, and this siding in from the WoodTone Rustic Series in Aspen Ridge creates the rich, warming appeal of a high-end wood.

A siding replacement is the best time to recreate your home design to the home of your dreams. These homeowners chose to upgrade their home exterior with some luxe, modern elements. The dual siding, with parts of the home clad in James Hardie fiber cement in Iron Gray, create interesting contrast and highlight the clean architecture of this once simple cabin. Now the design is still mountain-like and charming, but high-end and high-style.

James Hardie fiber cement siding products are long-lasting, with some of the most generous warranties on the market.

Fiber cement siding and trim products from James Hardie are built with this long-lasting durability in mind. In fact, James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim products come with some of the most impressive warranty backings on the market. This home’s new fiber cement lap siding and trim are protected with a 30-year guarantee. Over the length of the warranty, James Hardie guarantees the siding against snow and ice, high winds and hail, baking sun, wildlife, and fires. The siding will not warp or break, and it will remain impenetrable to all environmental elements. All fiber cement siding and trim products from James Hardie also come with a 15-year ColorPlus technology warranty, promising that the color will not chip or fade. This beautiful Bailey, CO cabin will remain a stunning home for years to come.

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