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Our Customers In Arvada, CO Had Damage To The North Wall Of Their Home And Needed Repairs Without An Entire Siding Replacement

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Arvada Colorado James Hardie Primed Trim and TruWood Cedar Shake Lap Siding

Location: Arvada, CO
Siding Composition: Fiber Cement Siding Partial Replacement, TruWood Cedar Shake and James Hardie Primed Lap Siding
Year Built: 2007
Siding Brand & Profile: Fiber Cement Siding Partial Replacement, TruWood Cedar Shake and James Hardie Primed Lap Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: TruWood Cedar Shake and James Hardie Primed Lap Siding

Our customers in Arvada, CO had damage to the north wall of their home and needed repairs without an entire siding replacement.

For some home exterior projects, full siding replacement is the best option. But this Arvada home was constructed in 2007, and only the north wall showed damage. This is common on homes in Colorado because of northern exposure to snow and ice without the benefit of as much sun. On this Arvada home, that led to deterioration along the entire wall of lap siding.

We worked with the homeowners to devise a plan to replace only the northern wall without disrupting their beautiful exterior design. The solution was a partial siding replacement, prepared and installed to cohesively match the remaining exterior walls.

James Hardie Color Plus Technology is an excellent option for full siding replacement, but for this partial product, we used James Hardie Primed fiber cement siding.

Fiber cement siding was the best choice for this partial siding replacement. With fiber cement siding, even the north wall of this home will last a lifetime. Fiber cement is constructed to withstand the Colorado elements, so even exposed to snow and ice and shade, the new fiber cement siding will never warp, peel, crack, or bubble.

Often we recommend James Hardie ColorPlus technology because it can be matched to any shade and is backed by a 15-year warranty, guaranteeing the color will never fade. However, on this Arvada home, we were working with multiple siding styles. In order to guarantee a cohesive final result, we opted for James Hardie primed 8.25 inch lap siding. Primed fiber cement siding is the same superior James Hardie product and arrives paint-ready. It is an excellent choice for partial siding replacements. These Arvada customers also opted for James Hardie trim for complete exterior protection.

This Arvada home incorporates TruWood cedar shake for a high-end and customized design.

A great way to include an eye-catching factor to your home exterior design is to incorporate a wood element that doesn’t detract from your home exterior protection. These homeowners opted for half-inch cedar shake to elevate their home style, adding charm across the front of the home. For wood siding elements, we recommend TruWood products, which are engineered like lap siding but give the effect of cedar shake. This makes them easier to install and maintain, and also improves the exterior protection without detracting from the style.

After installing TruWood cedar shake and James Hardie primed lap siding, this Arvada home was ready for a fresh coat of paint.

By using these high-quality paint-ready siding products, we were able to guarantee the same high-level of installation and home exterior protection before completing the full design. With the siding products installed, the homeowners then had the entire home exterior painted to match. The final result is a luxe mix of textures, unified by the same beautiful color—and it’s impossible to tell that the northern wall was replaced.

At Bellwether, we like to work with a whole project vision. Your house should be your dream home, and siding replacement isn’t just about fixing the exterior—it’s about crafting a style that feels your own. We worked with these Arvada homeowners to create that vision and then developed a plan to make it happen. The final result is a fully restored home exterior with an updated, customized style that the homeowners can love for a lifetime. 

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