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Bellwether Recommends Replacing Cedar Siding With James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding To Protect This Longmont, CO Home Against Colorado Weather and Baking Sun

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Location: Longmont, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Woodtone Lap Siding and Color Plus Siding
Year Built: 1987
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Woodtone Lap Siding and Color Plus Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie Woodtone Lap Siding and Color Plus Siding accents that maintain Rustic Wood Grain style.

Bellwether recommends replacing cedar siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding to protect this Longmont, CO home against Colorado weather and baking sun.

These homeowners in Longmont, CO contacted Bellwether because their 1987 cedar siding was deteriorating. Wood siding, though common in Rocky Mountain areas, is not built to last in the Colorado climate. High winds, snow and ice, and baking sun all work against cedar siding. These weather elements create thermal expansion and moisture damage that begins to degrade wood siding materials, and soon, cedar siding can splinter, crack, or go soft, inviting pests and other damage.

For Colorado homes, we always recommend a fiber cement siding product such as James Hardie lap siding. Fiber cement siding is a composite material that is designed to withstand these compromising factors. Fiber cement blocks out moisture from snow and ice, seals with study install to resist high winds and hail damage, and with the James Hardie Color Plus technology 15-year color warranty, it won’t fade or weaken under the baking Colorado sun.

When it comes to Colorado homes, fiber cement siding also has one major advantage over wood siding: fire protection. Cedar siding acts like a timber box in the face of fire risk. But fiber cement siding is crafted with a grade-A fire rating, which will resist spark and flames, protecting this Longmont, CO home from the high-risk of wildfire in the area.

With James Hardie fiber cement siding with Woodtone treatment and cedar accents, these Longmont, CO homeowners preserved the natural wood style of their old cedar siding.

The homeowners loved the original look of their home. Cedar siding is popular in Colorado because it yields a rustic, natural style that blends into the beautiful surroundings. But cedar siding isn’t a safe or smart investment. The good news is, James Hardie fiber cement siding is constructed to mimic the beautiful natural grain of wood siding products. Each plank, though made of durable fiber cement, is pressed to look like wood, and when treated with Woodtone, it maintains the rich color of naturally stained cedar siding. These Longmont, CO homeowners opted for James Hardie Woodtone lap siding in Old Cherry, which almost identically matches their old wood siding, showing off a beautiful natural look. For added depth, the customers replaced their trim, soffit, and fascia with James Hardie products in Imperial Green and Toasted Brown, maintaining the natural color palette from the Woodtone lap siding.

With James Hardie Color Plus technology, these color choices are guaranteed to last a lifetime, even under the baking Longmont, CO sun. James Hardie Color Plus technology offers more than 700 shades and Woodtone stain options, all backed by a 15-year Color Plus warranty, so the homeowners’ investment in their color-treated fiber cement siding will resist cracking, peeling, and fading in any Colorado weather. 

Homeowners opt for full fiber cement siding replacement that maintains previous design of their Longmont, CO home but will protect their home from the outside in for a lifetime with the James Hardie 30-year product warranty.

Maintaining the rustic, natural look of their home’s cedar siding was important to these Longmont, CO homeowners, and Bellwether worked to find a safe, long-lasting solution. Rather than replacing the damaged siding with cedar siding that would break down quickly, Bellwether recommended fiber cement siding so that this well-loved home will remain beautiful for years to come. Now the homeowners have their dream home, with the added assurance that their favorite style choices will last a lifetime, as promised by the James Hardie 30-year product warranty which covers their Woodtone lap siding, Color Plus lap siding, and all of their trim, soffit, and fascia. 

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