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This Morrison, CO Home Was Meticulously Designed And Cared For By The Homeowners, But After Years Of Nature-Related Wear-And-Tear In The Colorado Climate, The Cedar Siding Exterior Needed A Complete Overhaul

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Location: Littleton, CO
Siding Composition: James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Year Built: 1979
Siding Brand & Profile: James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding
Siding & Trim Colors: James Hardie fiber cement lap siding in Night Gray and Pearl Gray for an updated, long-lasting exterior.

This Morrison, CO home was meticulously designed and cared for by the homeowners, but after years of nature-related wear-and-tear in the Colorado climate, the cedar siding exterior needed a complete overhaul.

These Morrison, CO homeowners had a unique mountain home that they loved and cared for very much. Inside and out, they were proud of the design and the way they had been able to maintain their 1979 home. The original siding was western red cedar channel rustic siding, which requires a lot of maintenance to begin with, and after 40 years, even with care, it was beginning to show signs of aging. 

In mountain homes, animals and other pests can take a toll on siding—and especially cedar and other wood siding. Despite maintenance and repairs, the homeowners were finding bird holes and other pest infestation in their cedar siding. Once these holes poke through, it is harder to prevent moisture and other damage from cracking and splintering cedar siding. 

Cedar siding is very susceptible to Colorado climate hazards, especially in mountain homes where snow and ice and high winds can be major factors. These moisture-related risks coupled with the Colorado baking sun cause quick deterioration in aging cedar siding. Color fading is also usually a problem, and since the homeowners’ last exterior stain was over a decade ago, they decided that it was time to replace their cedar siding with a more durable siding material rather than trying to maintain the original siding any longer. 

Bellwether recommends fiber cement siding for all mountain homes, which are usually near forested areas and at higher-risk of fire dangers.

Any damage and aging to cedar siding should be taken seriously, but Bellwether always recommends siding replacement on wood siding in mountain homes. This is because mountain areas like Morrison, Co are usually heavily forested and are high-risk areas during Colorado’s wildfire season. Wood siding, like cedar siding, increases this high-risk in mountain homes, which can go up in flames quickly—especially in older, brittle cedar siding.

A fiber cement siding like James Hardie Color Plus lap siding is the ideal siding choice for mountain homes. Not only will it hold up to the aforementioned weather-related hazards, James Hardie fiber cement siding has a grade-A fire rating and will resist spark and flame during wildfire season. Colorado mountain homes are safer when they are covered with James Hardie fiber cement siding. 

James Hardie fiber cement lap siding preserved the unique look of this Morrison, CO home, while giving it a fresh update and a durable shell to protect it from the Colorado elements.

Not only is James Hardie Color Plus fiber cement lap siding the most functional, protective choice for a home exterior, it is beautiful as well. A composite material pressed in a factory-controlled setting, James Hardie lap siding is crafted to mimic the beautiful, natural grain of wood. This was an important plus for these Morrison, CO homeowners who were proud of their home’s exterior design and wanted to ensure that it fit well into the beautiful, natural surrounding. The tight lap siding installation provided an updated and upgraded look to their home, while also safeguarding it against all of the risks that had deteriorated their old cedar siding. And with James Hardie’s 30-year product warranty, this investment will last them a lifetime. 

James Hardie Color Plus Night Gray and Pearl Gray are the perfect neutral, but modern color choices for the homeowner’s lap siding to preserve the style of the home and enhance its unique architecture and natural setting.

This unique mountain home fits into its beautiful Morrison, CO setting with an interesting design and neutral colors. Using James Hardie Color Plus technology, Bellwether helped the homeowners find suitable siding colors that maintained the style of their home, while refreshing the look to modern designs with contrasting shades to add depth. By choosing Night Gray and Pearl Gray for both their James Hardie lap siding and their matching trim, the homeowners created an updated look that still blends beautifully into the natural surroundings of their mountain home. And the James Hardie 15-year Color Plus warranty guarantees that these color choices won’t crack, chip, peel, or fade, even in the harsher Colorado mountain climate.

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